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The Autobiography

I was sitting in a church service one day and the Pastor began to talk about the bible. I believe his point was essentially that the bible was the word of God and was undisputable. I understand that many people read and interpret the bible in many different ways. Often times leading to disputes and arguments within that particular religion. As my mind began to wander, I thought about an autobiography of Franklin Graham that I had received for free via the mail. The book had sat on my shelf for many years as I really had no interest in reading it. On this day it became invaluable to me. I thought to myself "if I read this autobiography I may learn of some events that transpired in the man's life and know more about him, but I could not by any means call him a friend." If I had questions about certain things he wrote about, I could not pick up the phone and call and ask him about it either.

I then began to relate this to the bible. Anyone who has access to a bible can pick it up and read it. Many do, for many different reasons. Each person forming their own ideologies of what they read, based upon their own perspectives and understandings. I have certainly been through this. So how then can we overcome this? I believe the answer to this question is the basic principle of faith. Jesus was raised from the dead and we can ask Him about things because He is alive. He also sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in our born again spirit to lead us and guide into all truth. The carnal mind cannot understand the things of the spirit.

Know the Lord of the book, not just the book of the Lord.

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