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salma akter
Jun 19, 2022
In NSMO Forum
Nowadays, the grass-growing link in travel does not only executive list happen inside the Raiders community; video, live broadcast, social media... any executive list platform that can spread content seems to be able to take its place. For Mafengwo, which started out as a UGC strategy community, it is undoubtedly grabbing the high ground of content, which means the dilution of traffic and users. How did the hornet's honeycomb stand out in this situation? This article will make a comprehensive analysis of the executive list current situation and future development of Mafengwo from the perspectives of products, competing executive list products, and users, and give optimization suggestions from the perspective of products. This article will analyze the following aspects: Product disassembly Competitive Analysis user analysis user research Functional analysis and optimization plan 1. Dismantling the product Disassemble Mafengwo into 6 executive list businesses: travel business, community business, commercial business, operation executive list system, personal center, and message center. Its product disassembly structure diagram is as follows: Product Analysis | Mafengwo - The grass-growing economy is booming, how to keep the highland of "content-transaction" Product Architecture 2. Competitive analysis 1.
The Grass-growing Economy Executive List content media
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salma akter

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